Fire Extinguisher Management System

Frequently Asked Questions

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All you need to know about FEMS

Yes! this system is free to use and can be use by any company or individual

Yes, it is possible. It can record any fire extinguishers from the same floor level but have different expiry date.

There is no limitation by FEMS, so this mean you can record as many as fire extinguisher you would like to record.

Yes! We are happy to say that we can help you to record everything. This is what exactly FEMS are build for, to record fire extinguisher that have difference place, floors, or even location.

Yes! You can export all data in any kind of document you like. So FACILITATE AUDITING‚Äč can be done easier and faster.

Your data will be kept save, your privacy will be save in our hand. We dont share our data with anyone else!

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